city of Cabedelo

Cabedelo is a municipality in the Metropolitan Region of João Pessoa, in the state of Paraíba. It has an area of 29,873 square kilometers, with unique measures: 18 kilometers long by just three kilometers wide. Its population in 2021 was estimated by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics at 69,773 inhabitants. On Dutch maps from the 17th century, it appeared as an island because of the Jaguaribe and Mandacaru rivers. It is the largest, richest, most urbanized and main civilization in the peninsula within a radius of hundreds and hundreds of kilometers. Its geophysical age also diverges from neighboring municipalities, which tend to have older sedimentary plateaus and therefore divergent mean altitudes and climates.

Currently, it is conurbated with the capital of Paraíba, João Pessoa, and serves as an extension of certain tertiary activities of the headquarters, such as tourism but also private higher education, etc. The CBTU urban trains and the Estrada de Cabedelo (BR-230) are the main connections between the two cities. It is the richest city in the state in terms of gross domestic product per capita, as it has a gross domestic product of over 2.2 billion reais according to updated 2007 data, that is, more than half of the economy of Campina Grande (another large city in state) in a much smaller area and with a much lower population. It has one of the largest proportional gross domestic products in the Northeast, comparable to cities like Ipojuca and Guamaré.